Brad Presutto for Ward 2

Affordable living. Smart development. Sustainable growth.
Let’s work together for a better community.

The Right Choice

A city that feels like home should be welcoming, affordable, and safe for all.

That’s the kind of Lakewood I believe in: a green city that’s walkable, well-maintained, and supportive of homegrown businesses. Where everyone has a voice and a share in real opportunity.

I’m a 15-year Lakewood resident. I live on Warren with my wife and our five kids. I’m running for city council to represent our neighbors in Ward 2, and work toward realizing the values that we share, as a city, for everyone in Lakewood.

Inclusion and representation are goals I work on each day, whether as a volunteer or in my career. I help match job-seekers with employment opportunities, and work with people across different time zones and cultures, finding ways for everyone to be heard and respected. On city council, I will apply my experience to represent Ward 2 faithfully.

Local quality of life is an ongoing, hands-on responsibility, essential to being a great city for this generation and the next. Let’s work together for a better Lakewood.

Thank you.
Bradley A. Presutto

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