$2 for Ward 2 birthday bash!

May 17 is Brad Presutto’s birthday—help us make it an awesome birthday with a little crowdfunding!

As friends, family and neighbors, let’s get Brad a boost toward his next fundraising goal, and toward a successful campaign for city council.

Please pitch in $2 for Ward 2.

Brad’s working hard to be the representative we need on council, this year, and your support would be an even better birthday gift than a vintage Spider-Man lunchpail. (Except if it’s signed by Stan Lee, maybe.)

But a good birthday bash does need some swag, and campaign T-shirts are in—they are super nice!

Help us throw a birthday bash for Brad with $2 for Ward 2. Bigger gifts are welcome, of course, but we want you to be in on the party whatever you can give.

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