Presutto Seeks to Represent Ward 2 Residents on Council

From the March 19, 2019 Lakewood Observer:

The people of Lakewood Ward 2 can rely on him completely for three things, Brad Presutto said in launching his campaign for city council: listening, helping others, and representing the community honestly.

A series of people spoke about how Presutto does all these things, already, in remarks to an event held March 13 at Deagan’s Kitchen.

Jennifer Scott, whose pit-bull “Charlie” faced banishment under Lakewood’s previous breed-specific policies, recalled listening to Presutto speak up at a city council meeting on behalf of her and Charlie. Scott said that she didn’t even know Presutto, yet, but was moved by his advocacy.

More recently, Scott continued, local Coast Guard families received similar generosity when Presutto helped collect donations for unpaid federal workers during the extended government shutdown.

Several speakers joined Scott in describing him as someone who shows up for friends, neighbors and even strangers. State Representative Mike Skindell, City Councilperson Tristan Rader, and Bike Lakewood board member Amanda Wolf were among the guests speaking on Presutto’s behalf.

When Presutto himself addressed the crowd, after listening to other speakers, he described the values which led his family to put down roots in Lakewood over the past 15 years. “We continue to keep Lakewood our home because of the people,” above all, he said.

Presutto has actively worked to give back to that community, whether delivering meals for the Division of Aging, joining Hayes PTO, or volunteering for the equality organization Human Rights Campaign.

The vision guiding his council candidacy is “for Lakewood to be the destination of choice for affordable housing, smart business development, and a safe & green city,” he said.

Yet his ultimate responsibility would be listening to and representing the people, he emphasized. Presutto said that diversity of viewpoints are a part of Lakewood, including within Ward 2, and that he is running to work on the community’s goals and ideas, not just his own.

“At the end of the day,” he said, “I’m there to represent Ward 2.”

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