Core Issues

Local government has an impact on a wide range of issues, from accessibility to health, education to the environment. Generally speaking I want to promote fairness and sustainability, for all.

As a candidate for city council, my priorities for Lakewood are:

Affordable living. A diverse Lakewood needs to include economic diversity. Seniors on fixed incomes, working families, and young professionals all need a place. But many are struggling with increasing costs, in various forms from housing to rate increases. I will work hard for policies that respect residents’ budgets and treat everyone fairly.

Smart development. Diversification is everything in successful, long-term investment, and Lakewood needs to approach development in the same way. A sustainable plan for our city has do more than sink money into one neighborhood or trend. We need to engage both experts, and residents, to choose forward-looking investments in housing stock, commercial space, and public space.

Sustainable growth. Equitable policies include job-growth policies. Our city has to value small businesses, and reverse the loss of larger “anchor” businesses, to provide a better scale of job opportunities in Lakewood. As a recruitment and placement professional, I have the experience to help promote our city to good employers and keep them here.

Quality of life. Attention to detail on the neighborhood, and even personal level, makes a city attractive to residents and employers more than big new buildings will, in the long run. Safe streets, reliable public services, well-maintained housing stock.

Better representation. Residents deserve council representatives who are accessible, listening, and working for them every year. I will support better communication and open government policies, so that Ward 2 knows what’s going on, and knows that public resources are being used wisely and responsibly.

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